Where startups should buy business cards

October 18th, 2011

One word: Vistaprint. Why? Because they have a 50+% off coupon that is ALMOST ALWAYS on the internet at any given point in time.

vistaprint business cards Where startups should buy business cards

The next time you buy business cards… do this:

  1. Go to Vistaprint.
  2. Click on “Business Cards” and follow their process to select what you’d like to make (upload your own image or choose a template)
  3. Before signing out, search in Google for “90% off Vistaprint coupon.” (I realize I typed 90%. You can easily type 50%, but hell, might as well try for 90%, right???)
  4. A number of searches will come up. Open up these websites and find the one with the biggest discount on it.
  5. Once you find it, click on it. It should then redirect you back to Vistaprint. The previous quoted pricing will now be slashed with a line through it, displaying the new (significantly cheaper) price next to it.


Now that’s getting business cards on the cheap!

Oh! And for my favorite business card video of all time… Please enjoy…
American Psycho Scene: Paul Allen’s Card.
Tell me whatchu thank!

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