Things To Start All Team Meetings With: Theme of the Week

February 5th, 2013

Ready! Set! Go! The team meeting has begun!

Now what.

Here’s a suggestion. Start every weekly team meeting with a “Theme of the Week.”

When I run team meetings, I like to do this. I think it’s a great way to kick off the meeting and unify my team around specifics things I want people to get amped about.

Think about it like this. Remember growing up seeing TV shows that would display a theme of the show on it. You know, shows like OPRAH. Or, why don’t we get a little bit weird… Maury! Or, a little bit weirder… Jerry Springer! OPRAH, Maury, Jerry Springer, Ellen, Dr. Phil, all do one thing really, really well… they let the viewer know EXACTLY what the episode is about without you even having to watch the show because they quite literally spell it out with text displayed on the program. Here are some examples you may remember from your childhood: “Unforgettable Love” (Oprah) or “”Mother and Son Unite” (Maury), orĀ ”Pregnant Teens Seek Revenge” (Jerry Springer). All of these shows had a theme to the hour of madness that debuted.

That is how I like to think of team meetings I lead. I want people in the meeting understanding what the theme is. And I want people thinking about that theme throughout the week. Sometimes the theme is real serious: “Sales Optimization.” Other times, the theme of the week should be about moving the ball forward, but also having fun.

Have fun with it. Provide your team with a Theme of the Week to rally around. And (ideally) bring it to a close either at the end of the week (with some sort of surprise or fun reward if everyone crushed the theme) or do it at the next team meeting. Give it a try. It’s fun, and I believe it injects team meetings with some color and flavor.

What ever you do. Don’t use the theme in this image that I just found online. You might just get that Springer fight you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

team meeting theme of the week example Things To Start All Team Meetings With: Theme of the Week

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